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ACI Duo System Colour Today Duo System, the most required digital video intercom system, offers even more practical solutions: complete video kits ready for the installation, composed by internal station Echos series and external door station Profilo series.
Available one- or two way versions. EH9262CW and EH9262CT are different in monitor colour: the first has white monitor with grey buttons and frame, while the second model has "tecno" metallic grey monitor.

Farfisa Quality The success of ACI Farfisa is achieved by ensuring the highest quality in each stage of production. The organisation integrates a large number of professionals who are knowledgeable in design, production, marketing and customer services. ACI Farfisa provides solutions in compliance with the European law on electromagnetic compatibility and safety regulations.
In particular, power supplies comply with all safety specifications of the European standard and bare the approval of the VDE German certification body. The granting of the ISO 9001:2000 certification represents the next step towards global quality.

Farfisa Research Continuous market analysis and technological progress are the foundations required for efficient marketing activities of any progressive and successful company. ACI Farfisa implements an innovative and dynamic approach that allows it to deliver products that fully satisfy the marketís expectations.
Large investments fuel the research and development of future solutions and products, ensuring the ongoing success of the company.

The international market demand imposes high quality standards. Proper service requires compliance of purchasing and production schedules. The expectations of the distribution network are met through continuous updating of professional skills and knowledge.

Organisational procedures, manufacturing structures and processes have been redeveloped vigorously in the last few years. The recent integration of the entire corporate structure in the Osimo 6,000-square metres headquarters is a significant step towards continuous service improvement.

An additional evidence of manufacturing quality and purchasing expertise is the ISO 9001 certification obtained by Aci Farfisa in 2001.

You can visit the ACI Farfisa website or for more information, please contact Entry Access.

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