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Comelit has been designing and manufacturing original systems and products in the field of video and audio door entry systems, telephones, access control and closed circuit TV for over 50 years. Hundreds of thousands of systems are installed to the entire satisfaction of professionals and used every day by millions of people, making Comelit one of the most important companies in the sector globally.

Entry Access Systems Ltd are proud to be a Comelit approved installer.

Comelit IkallComelit iCOM Ikall is a brand-new panel with a new design and a versatile technology. Smooth and attractive lines, the modularity of the system allows greater simplicity, composition, style and reliability. iCOM is equipped with a 128x64 dot graphic LCD with blue backlighting that allows a better OSD (On Screen Display) view. Comelit provides 2 different kinds of keypad: Buttons (Analogue Version) or Sensitive Touch (Digital Version). Keypads and nameplates backlight with Blue or White LEDs. A wide-angle lens covers a 180° angle range (day/night) with an amazing colour definition. Using an electronic name directory module it can store up to 3800 user names and 6400 lock-release PWs. User programming is simple with the PC software via USB and RS485 ports. It also allows customisation by means of an initial welcome message and offers dual language user interface operation. iCOM can be also used in conjunction with Simple key electronic keys which automatically updates the information contained in the name directory module.

Comelit Smart MonitorComelit Maestro Smart is the essence of simplicity: ultra-thin and with a compact, elegant design, it is pleasant to look at and to use. We have eliminated excess; all the technology you need can now be condensed into a highly desirable colour monitor. Full-Duplex hands-free audio. Allows audio volume adjustment, ringtone volume adjustment with privacy activation indicator light and brightness control.

Fitted as standard with key button, audio enabling/disabling button with corresponding indication LEDs and 2 other buttons pre-set for self-ignition and switchboard call We have eliminated excess: All the technology you need can now be condensed into just 3mm.

Comelit Planux Comelit Planux 3.5" colour monitor with OSD. Equipped with "sensitive touch" technology and full-duplex hands-free function. Audio, ringtone, colour, brightness and contrast controls. You can select the ringtone you want from a choice of 7 different tunes.

Comelit EasycomComelit Easycom The Easycom Door-Entry Phone offers all the functions you need for convenient and quick, hands-free communication. It occupies a minimal amount of space and is easy to use. With just a few buttons, you can respond to visitors, open doors or gates, adjust audio and ringtone volume, and disable to call ringtone to avoid unwanted disturbances. Other programmable functions include: switchboard call, intercom, secondary opening and driveway gate options, or even light activation in communal areas.

Comelit Roma Comelit Roma Classic elegance and stylistic values of tradition meet up with the most modern functions. Comelit’s Roma is the external unit destined for historical mansions and the most prestigious buildings.

Comelit Vandalcom Comelit Vandalcom Vandalcom is Comelit’s vandal-proof stainless steel entrance panel, specially studied to resist even the most violent vandal attacks. It is available in the audio, audio-video and digital versions. Vandalcom can be fit in with any type of building. Its frame is available in 2 different colours – steel grey and dark grey - to show that the entrance panel is not only sturdy but also has a pleasant design. The technology used for Vandalcom is the first and major guarantee of reliability: galvanised sheet steel boxes 1.5 mm thick, vandal proof modules made with 2 thick stainless steel plates, stainless steel pushbuttons with short run, and security screws. The entrance panel is certified IP54.

Comelit Powercom Comelit Powercom Powercom is the original and unmistakeable entrance panel created by Comelit which changes the face of design and the way of working in the sector. Its exclusive blue LED night lighting gives the entrance panel magic charm. Simple, strong and clean-cut lines, attractive colours and top quality materials, such as the frames, the cornices in aluminium and the fronts made of stainless steel make Powercom an entrance panel which combines sturdiness with style. The entrance panel is certified IP54 (protection index).

Comelit Powerpost Comelit Powerpost The series of modular built-up post boxes able to satisfy all requirements. Made in conformity with DIN 32617 Standards, Postcom is solid, sturdy and indestructible thanks to the materials used: fronts made of anodised or painted aluminium, die-cast aluminium angle pieces, and galvanised sheet steel boxes. The post boxes can be completed with the Powercom module to make an external door entry phone or video door entry unit of superb design.

Comelit Style Comelit Style Its aesthetic line and the possibility of personalising the cover make the Style telephone unique and adaptable to any surroundings. Reduced dimensions, call volume adjustment with the possibility of its being excluded (privacy function indicated by a red reference point at the top on the right of the telephone), connection cable between the microtele phone and the base with plug coupling. Available in two versions: Basic and Elegance.

Comelit Diva Comelit Diva Elegant. Technological. Precious. Comelit reinvents the internal unit and designs it as exclusive in its shape and functions. Hands-free DIVA is the “custom-made” article of the sector: from its design to the materials used, from its structure to its controls. Hands-free DIVA can be transformed rapidly in the desk version thanks to a special and original base, made in harmony with the design of the instrument. Diva has a high resolution 3.5” LCD display; the absence of a handset makes it use extremely easy and convenient. Diva has a “privacy” pushbutton with a special circuit which allows the call service to be temporarily excluded (during the night or at weekends).

Comelit Genius Comelit Genius Genius monitor with 4" B/W screen, white matt finish colour. Fitted as standard with blue door-open pushbutton and two grey pushbuttons for various functions. The handset has a cord with a connection plug for connecting it to the monitor. It has a small wheel for adjusting the brightness control and a selector for the call volume, adjustable to three different positions (high, medium and low). It can be converted into a the desk version using art. 5712. Dimensions: 204 x 225 x 63 mm

Comelit Bravo Comelit Bravo Handset version Bravo monitor with 4 B/W screen, The chrome keys, the brilliant white gloss finish combined with the silver colour base combined with the etched glass effect facia, white gloss colour, with silver bottom cover facia. It is fitted as standard with door open pushbuttons and two pushbuttons for various functions, signalling LED, brightness adjustment, contrast adjustment, and slide call volume adjustment. The Privacy Call tone function, which allows the video entry phone call tone to be temporarily excluded, is standard and is obtained by positioning the call volume on zero.It can be converted into athe desk version with art. 5712. Dimensions: 212 x 225 x 55 mm

You can visit Comelit's website by clicking here. You can also view Comelit technical documentation. For more information, please contact Entry Access. Thank you.

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